Moon Landing Musings

Human beings first walked on the moon fifty years ago.It’s surprising what I remember about that event.I even grasped the importance of the event or at least I grasped as much as a seven year old kid could grasp the importance of anything.(I will pause for a moment and allow you to do the math to figure out my age.)

I remember very distinctly the weekend of the moon landing because my Dad took my sister and me to watch the Braves. I remember that we stayed in an Atlanta hotel rather than driving back to Macon after each game.

I remember my mom hung back at the hotel on Friday night and didn’t go to the game but went to the Saturday night game.I even remember the Braves swept a double header from the San Diego Padres on Friday night and beat the Padres in a single game on Saturday.

On Sunday, we actually skipped church, something we never did, and drove home to watch the moon landing on television.

So it was on that Sunday evening we settled down in front of our television.We watched as Ne…

Messy Salvation

If one saw my Facebook status Sunday evening or  happened to be present in worship at Tuckston United Methodist Church on Sunday morning then one is well aware of what happened.  For those who are not aware of what took place, I share my Facebook report with you: "It finally happened today in my thirty-second year of pastoral ministry. After many close calls and near misses, I spilled the communion cup and I don't mean a small spill; I mean Exxon Valdez--B.P. oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico spill. It was one of those things I knew would happen some day---today some day came."
Yes, I spilled the communion chalice on Sunday.  It was a mess.  Grape juice oozed and flowed everywhere.  What amazed me was the reaction of many of the Tuckston parishioners after the service.  Quite a number of them commented on the fact that it was a very meaningful communion service. I thought at first they were simply being kind to their bumbling pastor.  I thought what they really meant was t…

It's On Me

There are lessons that we learn in life that upon learning them cause us to wish that we had learned them earlier.There are times that we can look back at our lives and trace the development of our learning and see the milestones in the learning process but there are times that we don’t realize the learning that is taking place while we are in the midst of it.

This is not to say that even after our “aha moments” or our paradigm shifts that we quit learning.However, as we learn and as we grow we can certainly see that we view things through a different prism.

The great lesson that has been made manifest in my life, which took me over fifty years to learn, is the matter of personal autonomy.To say it in a more simple way it has taken me over fifty years to learn that I am in charge of me.

To learn this lesson I had to come to terms with the fact that while I am in charge of me; truly the only thing life that I can control is me.I cannot control all of my circumstances.The truth is there ar…

God Says Yes

Welcome to my new blog "Classic City Rev."  In this blog I hope to share each week some thoughts and inspirations that I receive from my own devotional time, preperation for preaching and general life experiences.   
During my devotional time this week I have been reading from the book of Second Corinthians.  I've noticed that over the years I have preached a number of sermons from the book First Corinthians but not nearly as many from the book of Second Corinthians.  I'm not exactly sure why this is the case but it is. 
None-the-less, I've decided to spend some time with Second Corinthians.  In the very opening chapter I was struck by something Paul wrote which says, "For in [Christ]every one of God’s promises is a “Yes.” For this reason it is through him that we say the “Amen,” to the glory of God."  (II Corinthians 1:20)
All too often the perception of the church is a place of can't, must not, and no--you can't do this, you must not do that, no …